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How Water-Filter can be Helpful in Disaster Areas


Back in school, one of my classmates told me about an idea his father had. His father, which has a PhD in chemistry, told him to invent a water-filter. This water-filter should be used in flooded areas, where people get stuck in their houses surrounded by water. He knew that these people would get emergency-packages and thought these packages would contain water-bottles. A strange picture. People surrounded by water need to get extra water in bottles. Just the transport of the high volumes of water alone would cost a lot of energy and money. Also, it would take certain time to reach every household, which is in need. So, his father had the idea to invent a bottle, which would filtrate water in such kind, that the people in need could drink water that surrounds them. There would be no need for transporting extra bottles to emergency regions. The people would just get the water-filters and could keep care of themselves.

Of course, we’ve been fascinated by his idea. But as it goes, we never started to work on it. In connection of this website I thought about publishing his idea, so that someone with time and expertise could work on it and maybe achieve something useful to help people in need. While researching about basic stuff on water-filter, I got to realize fast that such water-filters already exist in several forms. Even the emergency aid in some countries already recommend and spread, special goods to treat water which is contaminated. However also, while researching, I thought it would be interesting for other people to know, why there is a need to filtrate water and what kind of solutions for filtration exist. So here we go.

Table of Contents

Why Filtrate Water?
How to Fight Contamination?
Existing Filters
Help People

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