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Do Zodiac Signs Really Determine Personality?

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Who doesn`t know his own zodiac sign? Some people even chose their partner with the help of astrology. In hope the stars are standing right for a wonderful relationship, a common chat-up-line is: “What is your zodiac sign?”. This question implies getting a better understanding about a person’s character, with the knowledge in which star-constellation a person is born. Also, some people believe that the stars can help you in the decision for certain events as war, elections, births etc., as seen with the former US-president Ronald Raegan and his wife, which had their own astrological adviser. Ronald Raegan even claims that he escaped an assassination attempt with the help of that astrologer. And this astrologer even compared the horoscopes of Ronald Raegan and Mikhail Gorbachev, to explain the relationship they will have at the negotiation about nuclear weapons. And so, the astrologer says, the help of knowing the stars made Ronald Raegan to the teflon president. (Quigley, 1990) But was it really the work of an astrologer, which protected the president even from an assassination attempt? What does it mean for us? Can we rely on horoscopes in our daily life? Do the stars show our future? Or is astrology only proven through the subjective interpretations of signs after an event occurred and with that does only work for entertainment? You can search the answer in the stars or just read this article.

Table of Contents

Signs of the Zodiac
Astronomical View
Meaning behind Horoscope Results
Special Constellations
The Ascendant
The Descendant
The Midheaven
The Imum Coeli
The Sign of the Sun
The Sign of the Moon
Astronomical Sign
The Idea

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