There is always a certain percentage of egoism. A lot of people keep their ideas a secret because they think someone else could be successfull with those. But maybe in some points in life we should forget ourselves and think about the greater goal. The benefit for all of us.
Why should we make a secret about our dreams or ideas and never fulfill them anyway? Why we do not tell other people, people with more knowledge, more expertise, more power and more time, about our idea? That way people can use our ideas in a more efficient way. Maybe someone wants to do something with his knowledge but does not have the creativity to create something on his own. Of course, someone could start a business out of your idea, but at least someone did something. And it did not remain an unfulfilled secret.
That's why, I created this webpage. Here I will announce my ideas and give other people the chance to announce theirs. With the wish that someone will solve them and maybe fill the world with improvements.
Of course, some of my ideas I will solve by myself. But still, I will publish them. Join me!

D. Solus


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